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See yourself! You are worth it
 Boudoir, Glamour and Portrait Photography by Kellie Blinco APP AAIPP

Our beautiful natural light studio is located in a private level two space in one of Perth’s oldest and most iconic heritage listed buildings, right in the heart of Perth’s CBD. We have created a space that embodies a strong feminine vibe and a comfortable and inviting space where we can create magic together.
The Feather and Sage experience starts with pampering by one of our highly skilled Hair Stylists and Make-up Artists who will work with you to create a look you envision for your photographs. We will work with you until you love how you look and you are filled with confidence. Total glam or raw and authentic, your end results and preferences are all in your hands. You will then be directed and guided through out your entire shoot to ensure your image results blow your mind. It isn’t your job to know how to pose, it is our job to ensure you are being photographed looking your absolute best. All you have to do is have fun!

This experience allows you to SEE your beauty through someone else’s eyes. To realise deeply that you are incredible and you are beautiful. It’s a truly special experience that will empower you to be you and to LOVE you

The liberation and empowerment that comes with a boudoir session, or discovering yourself in beautiful portraits or documenting your body during pregnancy are all moments that we should embrace and live for. Learning to fall in love with yourself, with no apologies is the true key to a happy life. You have to love yourself first and then everything else will fall into place.
The creation of gorgeous Fine Art Prints or Wall Art will become a daily reminder of the empowerment you felt on the day. One of my clients put this is the best words after her shoot, she keeps her image box at the end of her bed and wakes up every morning to an instant reminder that she is incredible.

“Looking at these pictures empowers me on my low days and builds me higher on my highest of days. I am so proud of each of these shots” Jaiden

In our throw away world, it is more important now than ever to invest in tangible prints that will one day become the most important thing you ever own. Not only for you to look back on, but for your family and future generations. Be photographed in an image you will love forever and give that gift to those who love you

What are you waiting for? There is never going to be a better time than now


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