Your Shoot will start with time spent with one of our incredible Stylists who is there to make you feel amazing!  We listen to exactly what you do and don’t like with your Hair and Make-up.  Our aim is not to make you look like someone else, we want to make YOU shine.  Your hair and make-up will be completed to your specifications. Whether you are looking for a light and natural coverage, or a glamorous Make Over, it is all in your hands!

We offer curls or straightening of the hair and optional lashes for your shoot.  Your time spent in the make-up chair will be relaxing and for most people some well earned ME time!

This is just the start of the days transformations!  When you are 100% happy with your hair and make-up, it will be time to get into your first outfit and get in front of the camera!  Once we get going I will have you posing like a professional model in no time!  You will soon be very comfortable and feeling great and this is where the REAL transformation shines through!

The beautiful you that you will see reflected in your photo’s comes from the inside!  With your confidence soaring, your guard dropped, because you are in the moment, this is the real secret to creating images that you are going to be gobsmacked by!  

Shooting with beautiful soft light, you will be completely flattered with expert posing that will accentuate your most loved features!  You will be consulted with prior to the session on what you do and don’t wish to have appear in the images and we work with you to ensure you receive the best experience and the best end result!


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