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Magazine Style Glamour and Beauty Portraits

Have you ever wanted to feel like a model for the day?  Receive the same treatment as the celebs get?  Our beauty shoots include  professional hair and make-up styling and a contemporary portrait shoot that will be finished to the same standards as a magazine cover. You will be made to shine and look your absolute best!  Best of all you will have it all  documented in a series of images that you will cherish forever! 

We like to prove that everyday women can have this experience and look like they belong on the cover of Vogue! Unlike celebrities, we don’t get to have a team of people help us look our best every day, but we certainly can do it for one day! 

We believe that everybody deserves to see themselves in this way, not just the celebs!  All the women featured on the website are every day women just like you!  They look like professional posers right?? That is because as your photographer, it is my job to ensure you look incredible! You will receive full coaching on how to pose, from your facial expressions all the way down to your toes, everything will be taken care of for you.

YOU deserve to see yourself, YOU deserve to have images of you that you can fall in love with.  In 10 years, 20 years, 50 years from now, these images will be cherished buy not only you, but those who love you and future generations


“When people come into the studio, they are usually a ball of nervous energy.  Unsure of what to expect, unsure if they can be photographed beautifully.  There is always that bit of fear when you step out of your comfort zone.  I get to see my clients, drop that fear usually in the first 5 mins of being in front of the camera. That moment when they become confident and they feel beautiful, is a transformation that happens right in front of my eyes.  It isn’t about the Hair and Make-up or changing the way someone looks, it is about making people feel good.  When they feel good, the energy shift is so strong.  I give them a space to open up, free from judgement.  All of sudden, they are able to KNOW they are beautiful, from deep inside, where real beauty comes from.  And that is what is reflected in the photographs – someone discovering how beautiful they really and sometimes for the first time, they truly feel incredible ”  Kellie Blinco,  Feather and Sage Portrait 


Our Booking Fee for a Beauty Session is $295 inc GST.  This includes

  • A Pre Planning Person Consult in person or on the phone to plan your session and wardrobe consultation if you require
  • Professional Hair and Make-Up Styling to your specifications done in the studio before the shoot
  • 1-2 hour portrait session with Kellie in our gorgeous studio
  • Full pose coaching through the entire shoot.  We tailor our posing to flatter you and show you off in the best light to take the best photographs of you that you have ever seen.
  • An In Person Image Reveal and Purchasing Session approx 1 week after your shoot where you will be revealed your best shots and where you can make your purchasing decisions about which images you wish to keep.  No Obligations or minimum packages, you only buy what you love

Our images start at $150 for beautiful matted fine art print plus the matching digital file. Collections of multiple images presented in beautiful Italian reveal folio boxes and matching digital files start at $1200

We offer interest free take home lay by, and direct debit payment plans as well as accept EFT and eftpos in the studio 

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