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Some Beautiful Words from Beauties I have had the pleasure of photographing


Jocelynne – Bridal Boudoir Shoot  “Wow what can I say! I walked into the studio feeling absolutely terrified! But within minutes Kellie had me feeling relaxed and excited about the photo shoot. Throughout the whole shoot she was such a calming presence. When I went back in to look at the photos I was absolutely gobsmacked! I knew her work was fantastic but seeing my pictures was such an amazing experience. Kellie made me look absolutely amazing! I had the shoot done as a surprise wedding present for my husband and he absolutely loved the pictures too! I would highly recommend Kellie to anyone thinking about doing a boudoir shoot. I am so glad I did it, I now have stunning photos that my husband an I can enjoy forever! Thank you Kellie ” Jocelynne
Taryn – Authenticy Beauty Shoot “Standing in the cool ocean, the breeze on my bare skin, while the world slept and a photographer by my side. Soaking up every moment as the sun rose, standing proud in my own skin, in all my imperfections and my authenticity. That was my photoshoot with Kellie Blinco, it was – empowering. Not once did I feel nervous, the whole experience was so much fun and something I’ll never forget. I left Kellie with a feeling of euphoria and confidence that I hadn’t felt in such a long time . That was before I had even seen any of my photos which absolutely blew me away. That beautiful, strong women in the photos, that was me and I’m so proud. Thank you Kellie.”   Taryn Kershaw
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Bec – Bridal Boudoir Shoot “From the moment I met Kellie, I knew that I had made the right decision. During our first meeting Kellie showed me her journal of previous shoots and I was amazed at the talent she had in capturing women in moments that would have been at first, terrifying. After booking the shoot I felt nervous BUT so so excited, it gives you a sense of empowerment. Kellie made me realise this is who I am, this is the (beautiful) body I have and she promised me I would love the outcome, I was prepared, mind and body, the moment I left our first meeting. The shoot was so much FUN!! Can you ladies believe that?! I arrived to the shoot with hair unbrushed and not one bit of makeup on and within an hour was completely transformed by Paige, ready to get this show on the road. Whilst I was getting transformed, Kellie organised my outfits and had them laid out in order of ‘sexiness’ (this gave me the opportunity to feel a little more comfortable with each outfit change), and we begun shooting. Kellie takes a few shots to make you feel used to the camera and her, within 5 minutes all the nerves were gone and I was confident and began to really enjoy the shoot (and the workout you get from posing), by the end we were just laughing and I felt like I had known her for a lifetime. If you have ever thought about doing a shoot like this, I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart, DO IT. The best part about this whole experience is the proof you will have for years to come of the courage, confidence and self love you are capable of. Those girls on social media, they all look great because they have amazing people like Kellie photographing them, they feel great about themselves and you can too. I can honestly say I just about died when I walked in and saw the photos and said “how is that even me?!”. I was honestly speechless, but had so much to say. Never ever in my life have I felt so happy with a photo(s), it made me LOVE myself again, that is the best part of the whole experience.”  Bec
Ria – Boudoir Shoot “I wanted to give it a go because I feel more at ease about myself having passed the 30 mark I’ve accepted myself for what I am and don’t feel as pressured to look a certain way . The experience was better than what I expected I felt very comfortable. Kellie was brilliant she made me feel at ease straight away and knows what she’s doing when it comes to coaching. I was so happy with them (the photos) and shocked I could look that good :)” Ria
Love Letters
Jess – Boudoir & Glamour Shoot “I wanted to see myself in another perspective and change how I saw myself. I was expecting it to be a very confronting and overwhelming experience which it was not at all. Kellie made the environment very relaxing and made me feel very comfortable. I felt so beautiful and like I was on top of the world! I felt like a real woman showing off all of my features that I was once trying so desperately to hide. After the Shoot, It felt like I’d just climbed the biggest mountain and I was staring down at this amazing beautiful view. I felt like I’d achieved something amazing but also relaxed at the same time. Ever since the shoot I’ve never looked at myself in the same way. I’ve lost any doubt in myself and have just felt so beautiful inside and out. It’s like that shoot was the final puzzle piece to finding my self confidence that I’d been lacking for my whole life!” Jessica
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Symoune – Glamour and Boudoir Shoot “Kellie is such a beautiful person and such an amazing and talented photographer. I am so glad she’s the first person I’ve done a boudoir shoot with. She truly made my first shoot such a remarkable and memorable experience. You can really see how passionate she is about taking beautiful portraits of gorgeous people and it will reflect in the photos you’ll receive. From the moment I stepped into her studio, she made me feel really special. She also gave me the confidence boost I’ve needed to really enjoy the shoot. She was really patient and she delivered her instructions well. She made me see and appreciate a side of me I’ve never seen before. For the first time, I actually appreciated myself for who I am. I felt beautiful. Doing the shoot with Kellie definitely empowered me and made me love myself more. I highly recommend feather and sage” Symoune Arcilla-Aron
Michelle – Fine Art Portrait Shoot “The thought of having professional photos taken… I was very anxious. For someone who suffers from anxiety and low self esteem being the centre of attention is something I normally steer clear from! How glad am I for accepting the offer to be photographed by Kellie!! I was very nervous at first and couldn’t stop shaking but it wasn’t long till my nerves calmed and I felt very comfortable. With Kellie’s gentle guidance and encouragement I began to feel quite natural in front of the camera. She walked me through the whole experience. It is definitely something I won’t forget. When I seen the first image I just couldn’t believe that what I was seeing was myself, I would never of thought I could of taken a photo like that. I felt beautiful! I just couldn’t fault it at all, for someone who usually is quite critical of them self this was a huge confidence boost!! I would definitely recommend to go and get some beauty shots done, let kellie show you your true beauty!! ” Michelle Cook
Love Letters
Maddy Boudoir + Glam Shoot “I wanted to give (the shoot) a go just to boost my self esteem really. I wanted to be able to look at myself and feel love for my body instead of always thinking of ways to change it. I thought it would be such an empowering thing to do for myself as a woman and it 100% was. Before the shoot, I was feeling nervous as I had talked about wanting to do a shoot with little to no editing and something really soft and feminine which is not something I normally go for as I tend to be more of a tomboy. I loved every second of the shoot. The first few photos taken I wasn’t sure how my body would look and I felt a little self conscious but after the first five minutes that was all gone. I felt so confident in my skin and the coaching and support from Kellie couldn’t have been better. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. I just felt amazing. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for at least a week afterwards. I just felt so beautiful and happy.” Maddy
Kimberley – Boudoir Shoot “I felt very comfortable during the session, Kellie was constantly ensuring me that I was doing great and her instructions on posing were so easy to follow. I was so nervous in the lead up to viewing the images but as soon as I seen the first one I knew I was going to love them all. I think everyone should try it. Everyone deserves to feel amazing and to see themselves in a way they might not yet have been able to see.” Kimberley Gordon
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Jaiden – Boudoir Shoot “The support by Kellie though this process was absolutely amazing! Any question or doubt I had, Kellie always answered it with ease. The shoot was an experience i will never forget. As soon as i arrived, Kellie and Paige had me at ease. Once Paige had worked her magic on my hair and make up. Kellie was ready to jump straight in! I had no fixed Idea as to what I wanted from this shoot. I had one image in my mind that i wanted to duplicate and by the end of the day it wasn’t the shot I was most excited about! Kellie took the time to talk to me and find out who i was, as well as coach me though how to pose. She was patient enough to constantly repeat herself and to deal with my nervous fits of giggles. I never felt rushed or that there was a schedule. I honestly can not describe the happiness and pride I constantly felt as Kellie took a picture and her face would light up with joy at each shot! – this alone built my confidence up as the day progressed. If I had to describe my shoot in one word it would be “fun!” I didn’t want to leave! Taking my pictures home was just as exciting as my photo shoot! I took them to the gym so the people who have seen and experienced my drastic change could look and celebrate with me. I had these photos spread across my pool table, trying to pick what one would be the cover to my display box. Looking at these pictures empowers me on my low days, and builds me higher on my highest of days. I am so proud of each shot. some I fully appreciate now! some I know I will appreciate more as time passes. But each one is a celebration and that warms my heart. I would highly recommend a boudoir experience to everyone! It is something that you will treasure! it is an experience that assists you personally with learning to love yourself in the body you have. Not every woman wakes up everyday and does her hair and makeup like a professional.- lets face it we have to work and be mothers and daughters and employees and a functioning part of society, – put simply we have to be an adult. In the madness of life we forget to look in the mirror and appreciate the woman looking back at us. we don’t see how our eyes have a spark, or how we have dimples when we smile. we look in the mirror and see the dark circles under our eyes and the wrinkles on our forehead. A boudoir experience allows you to look at yourself in a new light, though a new lens. You – just for a moment, see the true beauty in yourself. I just want to Add, these photos have now become, my social media profile pictures, my phone and computer screen saves and have their own special home looking at me every day at the end of my bed. As I mentioned most girls reach an age where it is embarrassing or inappropriate to show their parents exposing photos of themselves . I personally have a family who are open and honest with each other. so we had a family dinner where I showed my Dad and Sister each image, share our thoughts. it was never embarrassing to celebrate myself and my body. it has even been a though of something to do again in my life to have a compassion of my life in photos. Kellie, I can not thank you enough, for this experience! It makes me so proud every time you use my images for anything! you will always be my first recommendation to anyone who remotely mentions having this experience to me!” Jaiden
Sophie – Boudoir Shoot “It was very empowering. Hearing you say words like “beautiful” and “gorgeous” as you were shooting me shocked me at first. But It made me feel so good and happy with myself. The best experience and I WANT MORE!! It was a very emotional experience. Seeing myself as you saw me that day was overwhelming and kinda like WTF. But it crushed any self doubt I had in the beginning right on the head. Photographs are memories! And when we live in such a fast world when everything is so rapidly changing, photographs are the one thing in life that WILL NOT CHANGE. So I think it is very important!” Sophie
Perth Boudoir - White Sheet Session
Jennifer – Glamour / Boudoir Mixed Session “Had so much fun during the shoot! Can’t thank Kellie enough for her work” – Jennifer
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Abbigail – Boudoir Session “Kellie made me feel comfortable during the shoot and guided me a lot to step out of my comfort zone. The photos came out beautifully too! It was definitely an experience every woman out there have to feel at least once in their lives” Abbigail Tan
Boudoir Photography, perth boudoir, boudoir photoshoot, lingerie shoot perth, boudoir is empowerment, Perth Studio
El – Boudoir Session “Before the shoot, I felt excited and nervous as I hadn’t done anything like this before. Getting my make up and hair done made me feel glamourous and very beautiful. During the shoot, I was nervous laughing because it was exciting. Knowing that I was doing something like this, not only as a present to my partner, but for myself also, made me feel butterflies, empowered, beautiful and I think I exuded confidence throughout the whole shoot. Afterwards, I was even more excited to see the end results. I was completely blown away! The prints turned out even more amazing then I thought. They just looked stunning and I just couldn’t praise Kellie enough. Her amazing attention to details in the photos definitely showed. Kellie makes you feel comfortable. There’s nothing more liberating for a woman then having incredible prints like these done of yourself, in lingerie, and looking back at them and thinking to yourself how incredible you are. Project that confidence out into the world and it will shine through to your photos. It’s amazing what happens when you think of yourself in a different light – Kellie is definitely able to capture that.” Elly
Michelle – Boudoir Session “I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to do a boudoir session with Kellie. From the moment I walked in the studio for the photos I was at ease, even though I expected to be really anxious. My hair and make up were done and was made to feel like a supermodel, during the whole session I had the best time and had a great laugh. I wasn’t at my goal or ideal weight which I was concerned about but wow, I can’t believe my photos. I am more than ecstatic with them and recommend anyone considering doing a boudoir shoot to take the plunge, you won’t regret it. Thanks so much Kellie for all your professionalism, knowledge and skills, your amazing at what you do and as a person.” Michelle McPherson
Paige – Outdoor Boudoir “Kellie gave me the opportunity to go to the place I grew up and the paddock where I used to walk my dog as a child to shoot some incredible photos. I have always been reluctant to get involved with any “boudoir” style shoots at risk of them being too revealing or even appearing as trashy. Kellie assured me they would be classy and tasteful and they were exactly that. The photos are so soft and delicate and something that I will treasure forever. Kellie made me feel so comfortable and at ease during shooting, even whilst wearing lingerie in the middle of the outdoors. I was able to just be me, my makeup soft and minimal, my tattoos out and the images do show me for me – they are so raw and genuine.” Paige Watson
Jorjah-Kourtney – Boudoir Session “I felt so comfortable and confident. In all honesty I felt like a celebrity. Kellie made me feel real at ease, like I knew her. I could trust her vision and what she had in her imagination for it. She spoke very kindly and warming and I straight away felt like I had known her for a long time. The way she communicated and the things she told me to do, I liked her direction. The studio is beautiful. It was intimate; it felt like a safe and comfortable place to be to channel your inner empowered self. The studio felt like it had character and memories to it, so it felt nice to be able to add more memories to it. It felt like there is time and care put into it which you can see in the pictures” Jorjah-Kourtney
Perth Boudoir, Fine Art Boudoir
Jess – Glamour / Boudoir Mixed Session “Amazing ! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into the studio and I was feeling very self conscious. From the moment the sat down to have my hair and make up done I felt the stress and nerves subside. I felt so comfortable and with kellies coaching tips on posing and her amazing talent to capture such stunning images. I was blown away when I got to see the images my response was “ that’s me “ Thanks Kellie for showing me what others see it came at a much needed time in my life xx ” Jess
Rachel – Fine Art Image + Boudoir Session “What an absolutely amazing experience, Kellie was so professional and gently took me out my comfort zone to produce some absolutely stunning images that I can’t believe are of me xx” Rachel

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Perth Portrait Photographer, Kellie Blinco 

Kellie Blinco is an Associate member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography with 10 years experience in wedding and portrait photography.  Before establishing Feather & Sage Portrait in 2017, Kellie operated her business under the name of Kellie Blinco Photography and ran a studio in Gladstone QLD.  In 2015, Kellie relocated to the West Coast of Australia and with that move, Kellie refocused her attention in to creating a business that specialised in Modern Glamour, Beauty and boudoir photography, and Feather & Sage Portrait was born.

Kellie’s passionate about getting a message of self value and love across to the world and the importance of existing in photographs.  Kellie believes that every woman deserves to feel seen and know their worth.  Through images, Kellie is able to connect and create with and for her clients, in a way that will change the way they see themselves.  Not only guaranteeing beautiful images, but an experience that will change the way you see yourself.



Perth Portrait Photography

– Full Accredited member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography)

– Member of the  AIBP Association of International Boudoir Photographers

– 2011 QPPA Silver Award in the Illustrative Category (AIPP QLD Professional Photography Awards)

2012 Accredited ABIA (Australian Bridal Industry Academy) Studio

– 2013 ABIA (Australian Bridal Industry Academy) QLD Finalist for Wedding Photographer of the Year 

– 2013 APPA Silver Award in the Family Category (AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards)

– 2014 QPPA Silver Award in the Portrait Category (AIPP QLD Professional Photography Awards)

– 2014 QPPA Silver Award in the Portrait Category (AIPP QLD Professional Photography Awards)

-2014 APPA Silver with Distinction Award in Travel Category (AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards)

-2015 WAEPPA Silver Awards in the Family Category (AIPP WA Professional Photography Awards) x 4 Silvers

-2015 WAEPPA Silver Awards in the Travel Category (AIPP WA Professional Photography Awards) x 4 Silvers

-2015 WAEPPA Silver Awards in the Portrait Category (AIPP WA Professional Photography Awards)x 2 Silvers

-2015 WAEPPA Gold Award in thePortrait Category (AIPP WA Professional Photography Awards)

-2015 APPA Gold Award in thePortrait Category (AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards)

-2015 APPA Silver with Distinction Award in the Family Category (AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards)

-2015 APPA Silver  Award in the Family Category (AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards)

– Associate Member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography)

-2016 WAEPPA Silver Awards in the Family Category (AIPP WA Professional Photography Awards) x 2 Silvers 

-2017 WAEPPA Silver Award in the Portrait Category (AIPP WA Professional Photography Awards)